Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wishful Thinking

I've been considering adding a few variety options to the shop.  Currently, I sell Cunning Hats in four sizes.  They are knitted in acrylic yarn (Vanna's Choice, since that's what has the correct colorways).  I'd like to start knitting them in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, a very nice cotton/wool blend that I've been using for my R2-D2 beanies.

My issue is cost.  Right now, to buy Cotton Fleece from most online sellers, it's $8.50-$10.00 a skein.  I can probably make two hats from three skeins, which means $15.00 in materials per hat.  I usually double for my commission, which makes Cunning Hats in cotton/wool at $30.00, plus shipping.  I really hate to charge that much, especially since I don't think they'd sell (my acrylic ones are currently the cheapest on Etsy at $15.00).  Most casual shoppers are more interested in price and appearance over material texture, so the acrylic hats are fine with them.

I would really love to knit a few up to put in the shop, but I can't justify the $30.00 for a "maybe" sale that will probably sit there and expire, rather like ready-to-ship scarves I've had sitting there since January. 

Anyway, what I really want is a place to find Brown Sheep seconds.  I've found a few sellers and those usually go for $4-$6 a skein.  The hard part is finding the right colors.  I need Barn Red, Wild Orange and Gold Dust.  If anyone happens to spot a sale on Cotton Fleece, I'd really appreciate a heads-up. 

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